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You FOUND this Website - and THAT is the Point! This page is for HOTELIERS, ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS, CATERERS and others who are interested in Web advertising. We are NOT an agent or booking facility or responsible in any way for any of the accommodation or businesses listed on this Website - that's what a Hotel is good at. We do not take, process, divert or covertly interfere with accommodation enquiries and bookings generated via our facilities - they are sent to the accommodation providers direct.

With increased holiday bookings resulting from the slump in air travel, if your accommodation is not properly advertised in the right places you may as well close up.

Make sure you are well placed. Don't leave making the decision for a few more precious weeks as delaying will not do you any favours, and it is more likely to benefit your competitors in both the short and long term. Get positioned right away.

Open at Christmas, New Year, out-of-season? Equipped with facilities for disabled people? Doing something special? Get on Weston-Super-Mare.co.uk - visitors want to know about your vacancies.

"You will appreciate that we are bombarded with web site promotion. This has prompted a review of our advertising budget. Your site however is of genuine benefit as we receive numerous enquiries." - Somerset hotelier
"Thanks so much - I'm getting a few email enquiries every day now - so everything has been done that could be done regarding advertising on the Internet and I can just get on with working the season now with no worries."

Do not GIVE AWAY your bookings, ensure they come to YOU! By all means use accommodation booking agencies but how true are the stories that some could filter your bookings, cream off the best, or divert enquiries? You need your own independent Website to advertise for you - ask us, we'll be delighted to explain more!

"I've just stumbled upon my own new Website ... and I nearly fell off my chair! My first impressions exceed anything I expected!" - hotelier

Special package available for your own Website, Email, and a complete Internet presence. Professional accommodation providers (small, medium or large) catered for!

Already got a Website? Still waiting for it to work like a certain so-and-so promised it would? Call now!

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