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Would YOU like to have
www.Weston-super-Mare.co.uk permanently for YOUR own Website?

It can be yours, this Website will be closing down and we're looking for someone who might like to have the Domain - don't leave it too long...! No strings, other than the payment to take it off our hands. We'll arrange a speedy transfer - but if you also wanted us to host and/or design for you, we still do all that sort of thing and you probably know we're experts. The Domain's for sale, the site's closing, we're carrying on.

This Domain Weston-Super-Mare.co.uk
can be YOURS!

Don't leave it for someone else to grab if you would really like to have it.

Click the link above to see the price or click the Hoteliers link on this page to contact us or go direct to Star Internetting.

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